Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ukwa brandon single elim

Just finished sailing the first complete round of the ukwa champs
event in brandon bay.
Great turnout with 25 in the pro fleet, including a good Irish crew:
katie mc, dan Gardner,dan king, mikey, mark Killeen, timo and Finn
mullen and local boys rob jones and niall Mellon.
About a dozen amateurs and 6 masters and 4 or 5 in the ladies fleet.
Top news: katie won the ladies with boardseekers louise emery in 2nd.
Irish crew all got through first heats, and in 2nd round, Iand there I
managed to beat Skye and dan g to get to the semis. Rob jones took out
phil horrocks to book his place in semi, but had to miss that heat as
he had to go and drive the school bus! Shame, as he was loving it.
Finn mullen joined myself, Skye, and proffit in the semi, but the
irish fun ended there as we both had a bad heat and didn't get to the
final 4.
Timo in the other semi had to resail against jamie hancock, as they
missed a wave if his.. But jamie got him again in the resail, and then
straight into the final.
Good for him though, as he then went on to win the final, Skye 2nd,
andy king 3rd and proffit 4th.
They are about to start running the double elimination, so better get
into a wetsuit!
Oh yes, conditions are typical gowlane, cross off and logo high in the
sets, using 4.2m fly and now it looks like I better rig 3.6.
Will try and get pics up later, or have a look at Boardseeker too for

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Anonymous said...

keep the Irish flag flying...

Anonymous said...

Keep the iphone updates coming! Great to get the life updates :) Best of luck tmw!