Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Loopers

New Year's Loopers from Surfdock Watersports on Vimeo.

I ran a forward looping course in January for a bunch of guys & 1 girl.
This is the video of their success !

If you are interested in learning to loop, contact me through the email at the end of the video.

Here's my latest loooping vid, hope it inspires you!

Lucky Man from Surfdock Watersports on Vimeo.


warrend said...

hi there, came across your blog via the jp site, just wanted to saw how awesome your blog is and love the boom cams, etc and the lucky man vid, as just a lake blasting windsurfer who's never tried waves it gave me a great perspective of what it must be like, look forward to seeing more on your blog! thanks for the insight to your world! cheers warren

Oisin van Gelderen said...

Thanks WarenD, Glad you like it!