Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gear for sale

It's all sold, so nothing available at this time.
You can of course check the second hand list of the Surfdock website below.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sailed at Seafood Chowder

Small but fun waves yesterday at Seafood Chowder, which is the new name for Dollymount beach in Dublin.  In the summer, there's a lot of weed and algae in close at the shoreline, so it's not the most European Blue Flag friendly place you will find :/
Still good fun though, as I met up with goof friend Jeff Cochrane, who borrowed a spare set of gear from me - and is featured in all these pictures.  There was plenty for 5.3m and 92 twinser.
It was hardly a reeling reef break on the west coast, but we both still really enjoyed it, as it is rare enough that we get to sail together apart from at events.
More wind for the weekend I hope... happy days!

Friday, July 09, 2010

west coast shots

Got a few more shots from Steve Thorp from the weekend at Magheroarty.  These are from the smaller winder day on 4.0 Combat and 68 quad.

Back on the road again on Wednesday, for a quick sprint to catch a 6.5m swell.  These shots are from the 'warm up' beach on the high tide, which turned out to be great fun, a fast beach break with a fun close out after 2 or 3 hits, full power on 5.0 Combat and 74 quad.

We then moved on from here to sail the real deal further along the coast, once the tide had backed off a bit.
This final shot is of Colin, son of Alan Harris from Surfdock, dropping into a nice one.  I got a few bombs, but the camera was not rolling for these... so they will have to stay in my memory !

Monday, July 05, 2010

Nose job in Donegal

Just had a great weekend in Donegal sailing at Magheroarty with good friends.  July has been non-stop wind so far, and after a few good days wave and freestyle sailing at home, it was time to hit the road to the west coast.  An old friend Steve Thorp (Mr. Fastest man in the world on Gps speedsurfing) is always super keen for a road trip, and was already in Ireland searching for waves with Steve King and Murray Saunders.
They had already sailed Belmullet, and Easkey, but now the forecast was pointing towards Magheroarty as the spot that might get the best wind direction.
I met them up there, and seemed like everyone else had the same idea too. Timo was up and had brought over Jamie Hawkins, Mikey was up with his Dad, and of course a good crew of locals like the Kelly brothers (thanks Gerard for saving my day) and a few guys over from Northern Ireland including young Alex Duggan.
On the first day conditions were perfect for 5.0, with nice logo high sets rolling in on the reef, and also the beach break was getting a lot of goiter action from Timo and Steve King. Eventually the wind died off in the evening, giving the Steves x2 a good surf on the reef. As you can see I strapped on the GoPro and left it to run taking still shots every 2 seconds, to see what would come out. 900 shots later, these are a selection :)
The following day, the wind kicked up a notch or three, and it was full power 4.0m all the way. The early session was OK, until the tide came up too high for the dropping swell, but still good fun. Once the Steves had escaped their Irish B'n'B breakfast (will you have another cup of tea father?), they joined us for a fun session on the reef as the tide dropped back. Glen and Kian from Dundalk were back too for another session, and both took out my JP Quads to test out.
This week looks like much more of the same... where to go next is the question?
Looks like I will have a Happy Birthday this week!