Friday, May 08, 2009

Hancock wins it

News from yesterdays double elimination, the results were announced at
the pub last night where the fleet had gone to watch the video footage
from 'big thursday'.
Keep an eye out for Boardseekers next podcast.. The video will be

Anyway, Jamie Hancock was announced yesterdays winner against John
Skye. It must have been close, none of us could call the result
yesterday. Well done Jamie!

After the pro final, the amateurs, ladies and masters was moved to
scraggane, but they didn't manage to get any results. We sailed
Fermoyle in the evening, and had a hell windy session on 3.6m!

This morning back at Fermoyle now, they are currently running the ams
and ladies, Irish Katie McAnena is up soon, to keep the battle going against
Boardseeker's Louise. Off now to try and get some pics of them.

Hopefully in the afternoon they will run more pro fleet sailing.
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