Tuesday, June 29, 2010

riding with dolphins on safari

On Sunday we hit the road to Cross Strand in Mayo for a Surfdock / DMG Surf Safari.  The idea of the Safari (this one titled FUNDAY SUNDAY) was to get everyone together, whether experienced or new to wave-sailing, and have a fun day exploring the west coast with like minded people.  Along the way, we would provide some coaching,  tips or demo gear if needed, but mostly it's just an excuse to get together and have some fun.

A good crowd of people made the trip, in fact it didn't take much convincing... everyone was dying to get some wave action, and we are in the middle of a some really warm weather here in Ireland... 22 to 24 degrees at times and windy!   We got great conditions too, I was on 4.5m Combat and 68 & JP Quad all day.  The waves were head to logo at times, pretty moch cross shore, so we could get down the line and some good jumping too.  We all sailed in the sun for 7 hours, literally until the body couldn't take any more!! 

The highlight for me was while catching a wave back upwind, I glanced down and spotted 2 dolphins surfing inside the same wave directly below my board.  Absolutely beautiful!
This has happened to me once before, but that was in South Africa, where I almost instantly s**t myself, as if you see large black fish under your board.. it usually means the angry type :-/

It was a great day for all - really cool to see so many friends having fun.... nobody could stop smiling.  Also we got a few people out for their first west coast wave-riding sessions, and this coming week is looking great for wind and waves for the whole coast.  Watch this space....