Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ukwa brandon day two

Well we are sitting on the beach looking at well over mast high sets
rolling into gowlane, but the wind us tricky, and out the back is
wayyyyyyyy out the back!!

We went almost all the way through the double elimination yesterday in
cross off logo high and on 4,2m, though at times very gusty so quite
tricky conditions.

Coming back through the double, Phil Horrocks and rob jones fought their
way back into the comp, and are currently the first heat today, so are
out testing the conditions while the rest of us watch. Phil's first run
our took him 17 minutes to get near the back, but he never made it out.
Similarly, rob went out, got cleaned out by a monster and bust his
mast. He has re-rigged and is currently fighting his way out, for his
honor and local bragging rights!

The wind is kicking in better, and is due to get to 32 knots sw, so it
should be howling soon, and then we may be in action

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