Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mullet with Bells

Firstly want to say thanks for all the positive feedback and comments on the Lucky Man video. Glad so many liked it!

Just back in the door from a day trip to Belmullet. Forecast was for 27 knots Southerly all day, so thought it was definitely time to hit the road again.

We scored a whole mix of conditions.... though all of them cross off and perfect for my 4.2fly and 68 twinser :) As the tide came in, the better waves were moving between 4 of Belmullet's reef breaks. And we finished the day with a sweet session on the reef in the picture. Really reminds me of Scarborough Point in SA, minus the sharks and sunshine. Though I can report it was sunny for at least 25 minutes of the 6 hours I sailed today !

My french buddy Tibo was unlucky to crash out a big pushloop, and ended lying winded out the back with suspected cracked ribs. We had to paddle out through the break to him on surfboards and help him swim back in. Bit of a mission, and also for his friend Francois who swam after Tibo's kit and finally caught it after 15 minutes in logo high waves and 30 knots cross off.

Anyway, lucky for us Tibo was so grateful.. after a quick rest and being peeled out his wetsuit, he even volunteered to sit beind the camera and fire off a few pics for us.

I did get the helmet cams out again, so will have a look through the footage and see if I managed to get a few good shots for another video.

UPDATE: Got a text from Tibo. Confirmed: he has 2 broken ribs. OUCH!
Get well soon Tibo !

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Anonymous said...

Good medical report Oisin, I'm now infamous for crappy back-push loops! Tks again for the chilly swim - and I'll get the video sorted next time! Tibo