Monday, April 27, 2009

If you don't go...

As they say: If you don't go... you will never know!

After only being there on Wednesday, the forecast quickly turned out for possibly another classic weekend in Belmullet. And boy did we get it.
We scored sweet cross off starboard tack sailing on Saturday, with a reef break linking to a beautiful beach break. Not that big - just about logo high in the sets - but we got sunshine, clean glassy waves, and great wind for 4.5/4.8m all day long.
Everyone could not believe how good it was to be out in sunshine and green waves. So much so, that no-one wanted to stop and take any pictures!
Good crew on the water too: Carlos the Mexican & his brother in-law Danger Man, Kidge, Tom Big Pole, Tom Little Pole, Laoise & Cormac from UISCE, Mikey & Brian (Mr.Beach-Telegraph).

After 6 hours wavesailing, I went down and joined the speed boys for the first round of the Irish Speed Champs. I probably should have gone sooner... but at the wave beach everyone had insisted on parking my van in (well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Went for a burn on a borrowed Speed board, and then on a Slalom board - which was able to handle the choppy conditions better, and after an hour or so managed to squeeze a max of 32knots to get me 3rd overall. I would love to get my own speed gear and have a decent bash at some good times on a proper course.

On Sunday, it was back to the reef that is pictured in my last post from Wednesday, where Cormac & I got a nice session on 4.5's in the rain. Oh well, at least it was sunny on Saturday.
Belmullet - never fails to deliver!

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