Monday, November 29, 2010

Speed in the snow

Had a good morning speedsailing on Saturday at Burrow Beach.  The drive there was in interesting in a snow storm and lightning, but once that had passed over, it turned out to be not *too cold and windier than expected.
*Had to post this pic for comedy value - it wasnt cold as I was wearing a new Elite Wetsuit, weight jacket (which is nice and warm too), mitts, and two hoods.  Despite looking like a penguin, no re-heats though!

Also a nice pic as it shows Burrow on a good windy day.  It's 30 knots here and I'm on my 5.5, and the water is sooo flat !


K4FINS said...

Man that course looks good! Cold Sandy Bay!

Oisín van Gelderen said...

Sure is good Steve, going to try again tomorrow, though heavy snow forecast tonight, so will see how the roads are.

I know for a fact Northerly is faster (port tack run), but now also will try E-NE, as thats broader. I have a few vid clips of the run, which takes 1min40 end to end.

Might post one to show you what its like.

damian said...

what gloves do you use!?

Oisín van Gelderen said...

@damian: I use open-palm mitts from Neil Pryde. Find them good, as I don't get any cramps in forearms at all, and can put them easily on and off my fingers when I get too hot.