Friday, July 09, 2010

west coast shots

Got a few more shots from Steve Thorp from the weekend at Magheroarty.  These are from the smaller winder day on 4.0 Combat and 68 quad.

Back on the road again on Wednesday, for a quick sprint to catch a 6.5m swell.  These shots are from the 'warm up' beach on the high tide, which turned out to be great fun, a fast beach break with a fun close out after 2 or 3 hits, full power on 5.0 Combat and 74 quad.

We then moved on from here to sail the real deal further along the coast, once the tide had backed off a bit.
This final shot is of Colin, son of Alan Harris from Surfdock, dropping into a nice one.  I got a few bombs, but the camera was not rolling for these... so they will have to stay in my memory !

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Stephen Gibson said...

SICK.INSANE.LOVE THESE PICS! No, seriously..........