Friday, January 08, 2010

Hailstones anyone?

In case you hadn't heard.. it's been snowing in Ireland a LOT lately !
No sailing so far this year... I missed a good day on Wednesday... as I got stuck in a snowstorm coming out of the city.. and took ages to get home with the bad traffic.

This shot is of the sunset today in Skerries, lighting up the Mountains of Mourne way in the distance to the North.. looking somewhat Alpine.

Here's a funny video clip from a session we had on New Year's Eve, sailing right outside my house in Skerries. Wind was NE cross-on port tack, and quite a high tide. It was about 4 degrees, and actually good fun most of the time. As you will see in the video though... this hail shower went over, which was bloody painful on the face! I have a load of footage, but had to post this bit up as it's good for comic effect ! I swear I was having fun !

Hailstones on New Year's Eve from Surfdock Watersports on Vimeo.

A still shot from the same day.

Bit of a jump in Rush the day before.. fully maxed on 4.0, felt totally out of control. It was pretty mental, blowing 40-50knots. Wish I had my 3.5m... but it's still not turned up. Probably get it in July.
And a couple of shots of Low Rock (thanks to Ryan's Mum) from the day before that.
4.0m nicely powered, and warm too at about 5 or 6 degrees :-)

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Anonymous said...

love it. ITS SNOWING!!!!