Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girls with BIG BALLS !

Ha ha, well that post got your attention, though probably for the wrong reasons !

Due to a lack of wind, most of this week I have been cruising around on a SUP, and also a lot of wake-boarding which has been pretty cool. On Tuesday we got out on the sea and found nice flat water beside Lambay Island - which is a few miles offshore from Rush Beach.
Then on Wednesday and Friday, I spent the evenings wake-boarding at Camlough lake, which is in the hills beside Newry. I was invited up to do some coaching, and who was I to refuse? Camlough is a great spot for really flat water, and the water is so nice and warm that it makes the whole experience a real pleasure. It's always a strange sensation for me to crash into fresh water for a change.

On one of the evenings, the girls with big balls turned up!
Let me explain... the ball is a giant pvc see through ball with a zip. You climb in, zip it up, and then inflate the ball with a leaf-blower. Then you are kicked into the water, and attempt to make the ball move, by adopting the style of a very pissed hampster who has just finished drinking 5 pints of vodka and RedBull. Priceless!

This weekend was spent teaching wake-boarding and windsurfing (thanks DMG) to my nephew Dubhghall (who is pictured in the first wakeboard pic) Then today I joined a SUP safari around the islands at Skerries. It was really foggy at first, but the sky cleared so we could find our way back home again.

Hope we get wind soon.... I'm getting sunburned and sore from too many crashes on the wakeboard while trying to learn Tantrums and Heelside flips.


Dan King IR71 said...

dam you and your very intriguing titles!!

MarkA said...

When I seen the Headline I thought you'd gone windsurfing in Bangkok! You ever think of doing "learn to loop" clinics up North?

Oisin van Gelderen said...

Yep I am certainly thinking of doing another couple of looping clinics very soon, and will advertise them on the blog.
There is a gang of guys around Downings area in Donegal who are interested if you want to join that one, or if you can get 7-8 guys together at your local spot let me know and we can arrange something.

MarkA said...

Sounds like a blast Oisin - where can I get the details on Downings?

Oisin van Gelderen said...

Hey Mark,
my email is at the end of the learn to loop video. Contact me directly and we can make arrangements.