Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slalom Masterclass

Due to popular demand, I'm putting together a 1 day Slalom Masterclass, in time for you to get tuned up for the first IWA slalom event at the start of April.

It will be based in Malahide Estuary (where the event will be), either this weekend (if there is any wind.... sea-breeze might be possible), or the following weekend.
I will have a boat and race buoys on the water, and the general course itinerary will cover:

Slalom Racing Starts (all important)
Racing tactics, rules
Gybing at speed & overtaking
Kit set up and tuning, early planing & overall boardspeed
Practice races
Mental and physical preperation
There will be theory and LOADS of practice, from 9.30, on chosen day, until 6.

If you are interested, contact me on ir777(at)hotmail(


Oh yeah - in case you don't remember... even though I prefer spinning around in circles most of the time... I have won more than my share of Slalom & Racing Championships. More than anyone else's fair share too ;)

And if you are really up for it, I can teach you the showcase finish line move... the forward loop over the line ! But that's another day !

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