Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's all sold, so nothing available at this time.
You can of course check the second hand list of the Surfdock website below.


Adam said...

hi Oisin, I'd like to buy this camera from you, cheers Adam, I'm in Malahide,
087 688 4783

Robert de Leeuw said...

Hi Oisin,

I read about you in the Boards. I'm form the Netherlands, and you last name is a Dutch name, are you Dutch? Or do you have Dutch familie?

greetings Robert de Leeuw
surfrider75 [at]

dave said...

Hi Oisin, Long time no see!

I'm interested in your 84l twinser if still available. Cheers.

Dave O'Sullivan

Oisin van Gelderen said...

Hi Dave,

yes it's available. email me on ir777 at hotmail dot com and we can get in contact.

Andy said...

is the 92 twinser quad still available?

Oisín van Gelderen said...

No Andy,
everythgin is sold. The date on that post is Feb 2009.

Blog has also moved to :

I have a friend with a GOya Quad 92 or Fanatic Quad 86 for sale, contact